Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp War Eagle

1) Clothes and underwear
2) Sheets and towels
3) Shoes and socks
4) Personal water fountain
5) Stupid people repellent
6) Scary roommate avoiding skills
7) Body double

*****Leah did not get injured in the boredom throughout CWE*****

Day 1: Death.

Day 2: Today, I woke at 6 a.m. to beat my psycho roommate to the shower...I succeeded. We had breakfast in the dorm at 7 a.m. (it was so-so). Our counselor took us on a tour of campus which was VERY informative, honestly. We ate lunch by the football stadium...then walked far away from the stadium...then walked right back to the stadium for a pep rally. I'm fairly certain after that I went back to the room...not sure...I was tired.

Day 3: Today, I beat the crazy pyscho to the shower again...yep. We had chicken mini's from Chick Fil A (one word: amazing!). At about 9 a.m. I met my lovely mom at Spidle (Human Sciences building) where I would register for clases. I successfully registered for all the classes I wanted at the times I wanted at 10:00 a.m. precisely. After doing a small jig in my head for feeling accomplished, Mom took me home. YAY HOME!

I will post pictures the way.


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  2. I'm glad you came back to life for day 2 and 3. Be sure to hone those beating pysho roommates to to shower skills. They come in handy for all of those other people who don't have the skill of sisterly mind reading.

    P.S. I can't wait to see pictures.