Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fruit By The Inches

So, my birthday isn't until April, but.........

Or maybe I should get a (better) paying job so I can save up for these things.
I can hear my dad sighing with relief now...

Has everything gotten more expensive, or am I just getting old? Wait, I know what you are going to say. I knew I had wrinkles...

Random: Is it just me, or did Fruit by the Foot get smaller??


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dun Is My Second Language

Well, guys, I am bored. New news? Nope. Do homework, you say? Already done...duh.
(I almost spelled "done" like "dun"...maybe I should freshen up on my first language...)
Three things I love:
Good things to love, no? I also love florals, but my mind went blank when I was making this selection...oh, sweet life of a college kid.

Breaking News: I am planning to have lunch with a good friend from high school on Friday! Yay social life!
Just kidding. I have a social life.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Sleeping In

Pretty, pretty nails. Yep, I grew those suckers! I'm a proud little fingernail momma!
Tomorrow, I get to sleep in as late as I want. Everyone say it with me, "Ahhhhh..." Jealous? You should be.

I was watching the television* today when I saw another stupid cave movie preview. Listen people, quit going into stupid, scary caves/holes and we (the world) will not have to endure your stupid previews.


The television*-I am an eighty year old man who just discovered the technology. Kids these days...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pocket Full of...Llama??

Lots of posts today, huh guys? Well, that's what happens when I am bored...and have already taken a nap...
This little fella came from my oldest sister for Christmas. We all have them now with each of our first name initials on them. The only difference? Mine is gold because I love gold jewelry. My family knows me so well :)
 Random: My llama
I got this little guy at Christmas. Isn't he adorable?! However I have no name for him/her yet...any ideas??
Maybe I will take him/her with me so I can take pictures of him/her in random places...maybe I won't...maybe we will have to wait and see...maybe.
In case you guys didn't know, I love llamas. I'm not entirely certain how this love came just happened.

Good Deal of the Day: My oldest sister, Kate, called my older sister, Kim, and I while we were at dinner one night. Kate had found all of our sizes in the classic white Converse on BIG TIME sale! She bought all three pairs for less than the original price of one pair! Bargain dance!*

Bargain dance*-It's kind of like a ho-down and a hula dance combined.


I Warned You

See? See that? Told you so!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Southern Humidity

Hmmm...I don't like the look of that. Humidity + Leah's hair = Frizz Monster. Simple enough math for you? I thought so. 

Random note for today: My nails are long and strong! Impressive, right? For you all...probably not. For me...YES.

Another random note: Llama + camera = fun post tomorrow.
That is all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cloning Ellie

La de da...hhhmmm...oh, hey fellas! So I was looking through my Christmas pictures from this year when I realized that we kind of adore my oldest sister's dog...
See here:
                                   By the way, this is Ellie:
                     Ellie loves the snow...mostly digging in it:
 She has a front paw...she just likes to lay with it curled under:
            If I could clone Ellie, it would already be done...or is it:
Maybe someday I will have my own Ellie. Well, not exactly Ellie because Ellie is Kate's dog. Maybe I will invent a cloning machine/device/mechanism. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'm a super genius. Maybe that's most definitely true. Shhhh! I don't want the spies to know how super genius my smarty pants are!

Now I am done being weird for tonight. Okay, that's a lie. Actually, I like being "weird." Who wants to be normal?? Have I talked about this before?? Anyways...


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roll Out of Bed

First day back to college...ahhhh.
I found all of my classes again, and they all went smoothly. Hopefully they will be manageable...just saying.

Random Picture Day!!!!!

My car, Sophie, all iced over:
View from the Country Store outside of Callaway Gardens:
          Riding across the mountain outside of Callaway Gardens:
                                The prettiest little icicle tree:
                               Toomer's Corner the day after
I did not take a shower this morning...7 o'clock came very early this morning. I wore basically exactly what I woke up in. I am a tiny bit of a bum. Don't judge me. My hair won't look greasy until later tonight. I'll shower then...maybe. It's not like I don't wear deodorant! I'm in college; you've done it too! Hmph, arms crossed.

Hmm...I think that is all so far this week. As of now I am cuddled up at my parents house smelling the delicious dinner being cooked. I will go back to the dorm later tonight...but right now, home sweet home!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to School...I'm not a Fool

Friday, I think, Mom, Kim, and I went to Auburn so I could walk around and find where all of my classes will be for this semester...I'm paranoid I won't be able to find them...sue me.
I got this dress from the Loft. It is so comfortable!!! In this first picture I wore a belt with it, but I actually didn't wear the belt that day...just so you know.
                     One of the buildings for one of my classes...
We were running to the car...Kim said, "go pose by that rock!"        I  said, "Okay!"
                    Mom and me walking back into downtown...
                The three of us in front of the main Auburn sign...
Oh college...maybe you will be more fun this semester. *Fingers crossed.*


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handy Dandy

Today started just like any other day. I rolled out of bed (like it was a hassle), slipped on my slippers, put on my glasses, looked over to the floor, and...there was a lizard! The little fella was just chillin' by my monkey bag.* The lizard looked exactly like this:
Poison. Slithering tongue. Deathly, razor sharp claws.

When Mom came home from work, she captured this little guy with my pink butterfly catcher.** My hero.

*Monkey Bag: Not a typo.
**Pink Butterfly Catcher: Everyone doesn't have one of these lying around?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Scars to Prove It

Here are a few random photos taken over the holidays I thought I would show you guys!
Waterfall at Callaway:
                                              Sparkle nails:
                                          Icicles on my car:
                                            New bow ring:
              View from a restaurant at Kate and Bryant's town:
I don't really have much to got my tongue? I hope not! Cats are scary.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Hairy Situation

Hey there, fellas. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! I sure did! So not ready to go back to college...So. Not. Ready. Well I'm sure a lot of you make new year resolutions. I do not...but if I did then I would actually go through with it. I feel like I have a new year resolution every few weeks or months. I get ideas in my head and I make them happen. Yep, I live.
So, fellas, here is what my hair has looked like in 2010:
When I graduated high school I decided to get my hair dyed. My natural color is in the first picture. I think the red hair looks best on me (besides my natural color, Dad). My red hair makes me look more like my mom. People have always told me I look like her anyway, but I do even more with my red hair. If I could chose to look like anyone in the world it would be my mom because she is absolutely stunning and she doesn't even realize it.
P.S. I am not being a suck up, Memaw! I know Christmas is over! :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ho Ho Holidays...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful season of holidays!