Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roll Out of Bed

First day back to college...ahhhh.
I found all of my classes again, and they all went smoothly. Hopefully they will be manageable...just saying.

Random Picture Day!!!!!

My car, Sophie, all iced over:
View from the Country Store outside of Callaway Gardens:
          Riding across the mountain outside of Callaway Gardens:
                                The prettiest little icicle tree:
                               Toomer's Corner the day after
I did not take a shower this morning...7 o'clock came very early this morning. I wore basically exactly what I woke up in. I am a tiny bit of a bum. Don't judge me. My hair won't look greasy until later tonight. I'll shower then...maybe. It's not like I don't wear deodorant! I'm in college; you've done it too! Hmph, arms crossed.

Hmm...I think that is all so far this week. As of now I am cuddled up at my parents house smelling the delicious dinner being cooked. I will go back to the dorm later tonight...but right now, home sweet home!



  1. These pictures are so pretty - great idea! Happy to hear your first day back went okay! :)

    KF x