Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handy Dandy

Today started just like any other day. I rolled out of bed (like it was a hassle), slipped on my slippers, put on my glasses, looked over to the floor, and...there was a lizard! The little fella was just chillin' by my monkey bag.* The lizard looked exactly like this:
Poison. Slithering tongue. Deathly, razor sharp claws.

When Mom came home from work, she captured this little guy with my pink butterfly catcher.** My hero.

*Monkey Bag: Not a typo.
**Pink Butterfly Catcher: Everyone doesn't have one of these lying around?



  1. This is almost as scary as cats! Why was Mom at work on Saturday? Why are you awake already? This is a freakin' amazing story!

  2. I wrote this post last night...haha! Crazy lad...