Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cloning Ellie

La de da...hhhmmm...oh, hey fellas! So I was looking through my Christmas pictures from this year when I realized that we kind of adore my oldest sister's dog...
See here:
                                   By the way, this is Ellie:
                     Ellie loves the snow...mostly digging in it:
 She has a front paw...she just likes to lay with it curled under:
            If I could clone Ellie, it would already be done...or is it:
Maybe someday I will have my own Ellie. Well, not exactly Ellie because Ellie is Kate's dog. Maybe I will invent a cloning machine/device/mechanism. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'm a super genius. Maybe that's most definitely true. Shhhh! I don't want the spies to know how super genius my smarty pants are!

Now I am done being weird for tonight. Okay, that's a lie. Actually, I like being "weird." Who wants to be normal?? Have I talked about this before?? Anyways...



  1. Seriously. NOBODY wants to be normal. If they do, I don't wanna know them. :) A really REALLY good dog is hard to come by. Let me know when that cloning device will be ready for the mass market because I really want to clone Lola.

  2. Awkward people are the best my book at least!
    You'll be the first one I call! :)