Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Hairy Situation

Hey there, fellas. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! I sure did! So not ready to go back to college...So. Not. Ready. Well I'm sure a lot of you make new year resolutions. I do not...but if I did then I would actually go through with it. I feel like I have a new year resolution every few weeks or months. I get ideas in my head and I make them happen. Yep, I live.
So, fellas, here is what my hair has looked like in 2010:
When I graduated high school I decided to get my hair dyed. My natural color is in the first picture. I think the red hair looks best on me (besides my natural color, Dad). My red hair makes me look more like my mom. People have always told me I look like her anyway, but I do even more with my red hair. If I could chose to look like anyone in the world it would be my mom because she is absolutely stunning and she doesn't even realize it.
P.S. I am not being a suck up, Memaw! I know Christmas is over! :)


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