Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chica of the Wilderness

I would just like to prepare you guys for the picture you are about to see...it is probably the best picture in the world.
WARNING: This photo may cause extreme awesomeness and randomness!
See? See?! I told you guys...best picture ever.
Just so you know, I am being the second cougar in this picture, Kate (my oldest sister) is very afraid/astonished by this first cougar, and Bryant (Kate's husband/my brother-in-law) is running from the first cougar.
We, clearly, love the wilderness. I happen to love this indoor wilderness a little more. I'm an inside pet.

Speaking of the fabulous red purse swaying at my side, it is Kate Spade. It was originally $200. I bought it at T.J. Maxx. I spent $60. 'Nough said.

Who has two thumbs and likes cute, tall boys? This chick.


Monday, March 28, 2011


Today is my daddy's birthday! Yay birthday!!

Facts about my father:
~He is the best dog-gone Dad I know
~He will murder you in a game of intelligence
~He has the quickest wit
~He loves learning more than anyone I have ever met
~He has always been a role model to me
~I love him more than all the pineapples in the world (which is saying a lot)
~Speaking of pineapples, he loves pineapple ice cream
~He also loves ginger ice cream...eew...
~He encourages me to be the best I can be...always.
~Today is his birthday (for all you readers who are a little slow to pick up on things)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Copy Cat

Lovely people! I have changed my blog header, yet again. I figured warmer weather means brighter colors! Plus, I took that picture at DISNEY WORLD!!!! AHHH!!!!!
Please excuse my tiny hyperventilation...
Plus, I was bored.
Plus, it's my noisy little blog and I can!!
Please excuse my tiny, four year old fit of rage...

I really liked my first ever header, but technically the pattern I used wasn't mine so I got afraid of getting in trouble for copyrighting...I have a mild case of paranoia. Maybe I should put a link on the word copyright linking you readers to a page telling you that the word copyright is copyrighted...copyrighted? Copywrit? Copywrote? Hmm...just kidding guys.

Just in case you readers haven't noticed...I tend to write in the exact dialect of the flow of my brain. Now, now, settle down. I know what you are thinking...This chick is a straight up loon! Well, think again! Actually, you are correct; I just want you guys to keep on using that thing your skull has been preserving for all those years...



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Even When You Are A Good Driver...

Well, tonight a deer hit me. No I did not hit a deer...it hit me. I was driving back to college from home when I saw a deer about to cross the street. Since no one was behind me, I stopped the car. The deer passed so I let my foot off the break when BAM!
Hello deer number two. I didn't realize you had an appointment to meet Sophie today. Oh, it was a walk-in appointment?

For you (including me) animal freaks out there, the deer was fine.
For you (including me) car lovers out there, Sophie got a little bruised around the tire. :(
I never thought I would be one of those girls who doesn't hit deer, only gets hit by deer. I am that girl, apparently.

So, Leah, what did you learn today?
Well, I learned that you should always, always leave five seconds later or sooner than you planned.
Freaking genius right there.