Thursday, March 3, 2011

Even When You Are A Good Driver...

Well, tonight a deer hit me. No I did not hit a hit me. I was driving back to college from home when I saw a deer about to cross the street. Since no one was behind me, I stopped the car. The deer passed so I let my foot off the break when BAM!
Hello deer number two. I didn't realize you had an appointment to meet Sophie today. Oh, it was a walk-in appointment?

For you (including me) animal freaks out there, the deer was fine.
For you (including me) car lovers out there, Sophie got a little bruised around the tire. :(
I never thought I would be one of those girls who doesn't hit deer, only gets hit by deer. I am that girl, apparently.

So, Leah, what did you learn today?
Well, I learned that you should always, always leave five seconds later or sooner than you planned.
Freaking genius right there.



  1. oh no! that must have been so scary, i would have been freaking out and crying!

    i'm glad the deer were okay, and i'm sorry about your car :(

  2. You may be the funniest blogger ever. I'm just saying. Can I have your autograph? You are a rockstar for getting hit by a deer and having the wits about you to blog about it the same night. :)

  3. You are ridiculously creative!! Poor Sophie! Soon she must go to the hospital!!