Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Copy Cat

Lovely people! I have changed my blog header, yet again. I figured warmer weather means brighter colors! Plus, I took that picture at DISNEY WORLD!!!! AHHH!!!!!
Please excuse my tiny hyperventilation...
Plus, I was bored.
Plus, it's my noisy little blog and I can!!
Please excuse my tiny, four year old fit of rage...

I really liked my first ever header, but technically the pattern I used wasn't mine so I got afraid of getting in trouble for copyrighting...I have a mild case of paranoia. Maybe I should put a link on the word copyright linking you readers to a page telling you that the word copyright is copyrighted...copyrighted? Copywrit? Copywrote? Hmm...just kidding guys.

Just in case you readers haven't noticed...I tend to write in the exact dialect of the flow of my brain. Now, now, settle down. I know what you are thinking...This chick is a straight up loon! Well, think again! Actually, you are correct; I just want you guys to keep on using that thing your skull has been preserving for all those years...



1 comment:

  1. Love the new header! You are a loon; I'm glad. The plural of copyright is copyrighti.