Thursday, July 15, 2010

So Snazzy

My lovely studded oxfords from Modcloth came in the mail today! REWIND: I had been anxiously awaiting the UPS man to ring our doorbell when...*DING DONG*!!!!! Since I am afraid of answering the door, my hippity hoppity father zoomed to the door. As soon as I heard him close the door, I ran to him, took the box, grabbed scissors, and slowly walked (because you cannot run with scissors) back into the sun room. I quickly sliced open the box, and there they were. My beautiful, gray, studded oxfords were perfectly placed inside the yellow shoebox. They contribute to my old time-y-ness.


  1. I can just see Dad hopping to the door with his silly face on. I'm sure he thought they were ugly. High compliments. I'm jealous. Will I see you trading in Sophie for a conestoga wagon?

  2. I'll have to tell you what exactly Dad was interesting. Sophie doesn't get replaced...she replaces!