Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Mommy Comes To Visit

This just so happens to be one of my fabulous finds on Etsy. The gold chain is vintage Chanel, the pendant is also vintage, and the turquoise chain is not vintage but is still awesome! This little beaut' came in the mail today...Mom and Kim (older sister) brought it up to me (as well as my magazine)!
So here's the story...I was went in T.J. Maxx one day and found this beautiful, genuine leather bag, but it was $70 so I left it. A few weeks later, I went to another T.J. Maxx and, to my surprise, it was there, too! I thought it was fate, but I looked at the price and left it, again. I convinced myself that whenever I went back to T.J. Maxx if the purse was there then it was fate for the two of us to be united. Today, I walked into T.J. Maxx, went straight to the purse section, and there it was...the beautiful, convertible strap, studded, caramel leather, messenger WAS fate...I knew it...
I got the September issue of Vogue today! Hooray! It weighs more than all of my college books combined!


  1. You failed to mention to incredible cupcakes we had!!

  2. I love that bag. I've had the same experience at both Ross and TJ with bags lately. I'm not sure I've found my soul mate, though.

    The Vogue is good. I haven't made it all the way through yet, and the first 200 pages are ads.

    I can't wait to see the necklace!!!