Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speaking of Scrunchies

So, how does my new blog header look?? Be brutal! Not really.
I dressed cute today...after my classes...
So fellas, this is what I wore except I buttoned the cardigan, wore a green scarf, and a camel colored coat.
          I must crunch up for you to see all of me in a picture...
                                      darn you tiny mirror:
                                        Crunchy scrunchy:
                                  My favorite shoes. Ever:
Today, Mom and Kim (sister) picked me up and we went out on the town! Okay, really we went shopping and to Olive Garden...I feel your judgemental eyes, and I just don't mind :)
Once again, I bought tons of candy. Maybe I will take a picture of all of this amazingness that I am engulfing, or maybe I will keep you guessing.
We went to T.J. Maxx (because I am now addicted...thanks Kate), and we found a beautiful red leather Kate Spade purse. O. M. Y.* It was originally a $400 bag, but at T.J. Maxx it was $99! Golly gee I love Kate Spade!!!! If only I had a job...Oh wait, if only I had a job that actually gave me hours...I'm just a dreamer, though.
Dear Kate Spade, I would love to buy everything you create. I would also like to work for your New York store. I pinky promise I would clean it and take care of it and treat it like my own...Wait, we aren't convincing our parents to buy us a puppy, are we?
OMY*--Oh my yeti



  1. mm, i am not ashamed of admitting that i am totally addicted to olive garden! that sounds so good right now. your shoes are so cute. and kate spade is one of my favorite brands, everything they make is full of cuteness and whimsy. i'm obsessed!

  2. I'm in this post a lot. I like it!