Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too Many Caroline's

Well, well, well my pretties.
 It's been a while, but I've been living...who knew that could happen?!
So, I've been asked to blog by this girl...check her out! Her blog life is a little more interesting than mine...for now...
Today, I went to my first Chemistry class. The teacher was telling us all of the graphic horror stories about accidents with chemicals we would be using in the lab. Well, all who know me know that I pass out at the thought of a drop of blood. Yes, I passed the middle of class...and when I came to, class had been continuing like nothing had happened. Yep. I sure felt significant in that class room.
After another series of events, and the fact that I would have to skip a test to go to DISNEY WORLD, I dropped the class.
Anyone see any llamas lately? I did. Watch Romancing the Stone, and you will too.
That is all.



  1. I needed that. I need llamas too; I guess I'll have to watch one of my favorite movies right before going to Disney World. Man, life is tough.

  2. You are a wonderful writer crazy girl!!!