Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Heat

Hello lovelies! As I have not been blogging all summer, I thought I might update you on a few things in my life. At the beginning of Summer, my family went to Disney World! Ah, yes...that place is quite magical, isn't it? I finally finished up my English Composition classes! I know each and every one of you is excited about that one. Every single morning, except weekends, I woke up to walk almost two miles with my mom! I found a new appreciation for French style with a fabulous new a copy because it is worth it (and I said so). Recently, my old roommate moved in to her new sorority dorm...we will both miss living with each other so much! I move in with my two new roommates to our apartment soon! I am looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule...not the studying...or walking in the blazing heat which sucks the air out of your lungs as soon as you walk outside. I cannot wait to find my own new adventures this year! This upcoming second year of college will be a great experience for me! Hopefully I can keep up with this blog more often, so stay tuned!


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