Thursday, October 28, 2010


I really like this outfit. It's cozy and cute and amazing.
I got to sleep really late yesterday and was AMAZING! Yesterday, my morning class got cancelled. Today, I only had one class at 2 o'clock. Tomorrow, my morning class got cancelled AND my 12 o'clock class got cancelled! Oh lucky days...
By the way...
I got my hair done!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but in person it is so lusciously amazing!
It is EXACTLY what I wanted! Oh my, I love it so!

I would say I have had a great week so far. Plus, Saturday my family is having a Halloween party! I'm super excited! I'm wearing a black slip dress and a sign around my neck that says, "Freud"........I'll be a Freudian Slip...HAHA!



  1. Your hair looks great! So jealous of the Halloween party! Next year there is NO WAY I'm missing it!

  2. It looks SO much better in person and in the just can't capture it yet I guess...Next Year you will be there, period.