Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Lovin'

Hello fashion/Leah lovers! I have recently been working on my blog's look. I hope you guys are enjoying this look! If you have any ideas or thoughts leave a comment or shoot me an email!
I should really be writing my English paper for college, but...this is more fun. So I'm going to ramble on.
Random Facts:
1) I love cheese
2) I would choose a good purse over new shoes (blasphemy, I know)
3) My family rocks
4) The word "rocks" reminds me of "socks"
5) I love cool socks
6) I love red nails
7) My eyes are HUGE
8) My eyelashes are naturally really long...I give you permission to hate me
9) I let dogs lick my face for too long
10) I judge people's know you do it too!
Well, that was 10 random facts about me. Now on to more important facts.
Fall Wishlist:
1) Green military coat
2) A great leather bag (oh wait, already found it!)
3) Girly dresses
4) Military boots
5) Stretchy headbands
6) Oxfords
7) Jeggings (I admitted my love for them, so can you)
8) Gold (jewelry, buttons, chains, accent pieces, etc.)
9) Button-downs
10) Scarves
I must go twirl and do girly things.

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