Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Isn't it funny how one simple picture could start a whole conversation or story?
Take a look at this picture:
This little fella' is called Fillippe...he's the cup. When my family goes to Disney World we are absolutely insane...we go nuts. First of all, we LOVE Disney World. Second of all, we are crazy to begin with...imagine us at the most magical place on earth. Our last day at the Wilderness Lodge (the resort we stay at when we go to Disney World) we got lunch. Kim (my older sister) got a very small drink because she got a kids meal. My family usually takes pictures in the Wilderness Lodge on the last day...Fillippe managed his little way in every picture. Sneaky little lad! This picture is Fillippe saying bon voyage to the Wilderness Lodge and Disney World.


  1. This pretty much made my life. I really needed something to make my life because I have a cold.

    P.S. I'm coming home next weekend. Not this one but next one. Does that make your day? It makes mine, but not as much as this post does.

  2. Bed bugs then cold?! Sad day for Ka!


  3. This pretty much made my day too! I'd had a day where it was difficult to find my happy place. Fillippe and Gibbs, of course, led me to my happy place! Thank you for being wonderful!!

  4. I have had things like this in my family. They turn out the be the most fun memories when looking back!

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