Thursday, September 16, 2010


The world says hello! I also say hello.
Today, I FINALLY finished all of my stressful tests for this week! It was soon as I put that pencil down, I ran/skipped out the door and cheered gleefully! Okay, I didn't really do that...however, I did have an extra hop in my step. I had been SO stressed about these tests that the boyfriend decided to take me on a celebratory date! Especially since we haven't gone a date since before I started college...but that's another story. I did not take any outfit pictures of what I wore for our date night...oops.
Question: Isn't college about staying out all night past your high school curfew?
Answer: Nope...Either I have a really boring life or I'm just that great of a kid. No matter what, I always end up at my dorm before 11...sad I know...don't judge me. Seth (boyfriend) and I really focus on our college work more than anything. Good grades are more important than whatever else is going on. We always think about what is best for our future.
I know, I know...we are nerds...really, really big nerds.
I believe that is all for now...over and out/hup 10-4/beam me up scotty...something of that get the point.


  1. I don't think we're nerds;I think we weirdos!! And, I love it!! By the way, you are that great of a kid!