Thursday, September 9, 2010


This would be my very first outfit post...hooray! I will try to continuously do outfit posts, but I cannot make any promises...I am a college student so I do wear t-shirts a lot. I took this picture with my phone, in a mirror, and after be patient. I typically wear t-shirts and random shorts and flip flops to class. Today, I was feeling kind of blah-ish so I decided to dress cute. Even though no one cares what I am wearing, dressing cute just makes me feel good about myself. So kids, the moral of today is: Dress cute when you are feeling blah-ish.
Jeggings: Target
Shirt: Gap (2 years ago)
Shoes: Target


  1. I totally should have used that in my article. YOu look adorable. I wish I could see your pretty head. Glad to see that mirror is staying stuck!

  2. The flash totally cut off my head! Upsetting flasher...