Thursday, September 9, 2010


Back: Kim, me, Kate. Front: Ellie
Mom and Dad: Precious

Last weekend my family went to Callaway Gardens to watch the hot air balloons. Callaway Gardens is not far from where we live so we have gone their since we were little. The balloons were so beautiful! Anything out of the ordinary inspires me, and seeing big balloons float isn't ordinary...just a thought. Look at my pants in the first picture...cute, cargo pants from Target! I spent $21 on them instead of over $200 like SOME people...go me!


  1. Oh my gosh looks like so much fun. I wonder if my town has something like that!

  2. First of all, hi! I checked out your blog and really liked it!
    Second of all, I'm sure there is a place like this around your town. There are always cool little places around even if you have to hunt for them! Happy hunting!